It all started in September, 2015. Arielle and Tory were roommates in a tiny town in the Netherlands for the 100km World Championships. While changing into their Canada singlets, they discovered that they both owned the book The Motivation Manifesto. That week confirmed that they were ultra-soulmates, and they have never looked back.  (Arielle may have questioned her commitment when deciding to ultra drive down to California to pace Tory for Rio Del Lago 100 miler a few months later). Arielle and Tory consider running as their ultimate form of play - whether training for a 10km or a 100 miler. They are both passionate about endurance, authenticity, bacon, unicorns, and GZF. Motivus provides an outlet for them to preach what they practice. Contact us and get in touch about ultramarathon run coaching and hollistic nutrition services.