Trusting your gut

By Arielle Fitzgerald

I'm sure by now you have heard of or experienced gut instinct.

Now, take a moment to think about a time when your ‘gut’ felt one thing, but your head thought something else. Which did you listen to? Why? What was the outcome? Where did it lead you? Take a moment to check in with these feelings and thoughts.

Most of the time we listen to our heads because it seems more logical. In my opinion learning to listen to trust my gut and follow my heart, has lead me to much greater things than if I had been caught up in my head and in my thoughts.

If you've been tuning into UltraDirt (our podcast via Athlete on Fire), you may have heard us ranting about trying to figure out how to connect the mind and the body like all the yogis do. And yes are still working on this, and quite honestly we still haven't figured it out yet. We are a work in progress, so we welcome any suggestions or advice!

Although I have no shame in saying that I'm not great at connecting the mind and body, I am good at trusting my gut and following my heart. Those who know me and know my story, know that trusting my 'gut' is what lead me to where I am today. Some could say that this is a part of my #swoosh (Tory calls me the 'Nike Swoosh, FYI) mentality. Some may say it's because  I'm young and have nothing tying me down. Some may even think it's because I'm immature and irresponsible. I know myself, and I know it is because of my sense of intuition (gut sense). I know from experience and taking risks that trusting your gut can lead to some unforgettable experiences and opportunities. 

“Trusting your gut” is the philosophy I live by, especially when working with my nutritional clients or even just 'life coaching' all my friends. Why do I stand by this? - Because  no matter the goal, individuals need to trust themselves. What works for you, is going to be what works for you! We are all unique individuals and we will never be able to change that. So stop getting consumed in the 'right' and the 'wrong', the 'good' and the 'bad'. Stop looking on social media for the next best thing that may fix you, and simply learn to check the gut, check the head, and check in!

You then  will learn to TRUST the Gut and find the answer or the direction that is right for you! Yes, there will always be lots of good advice and directions given to you along the way (take them into consideration), but at the end of the day, trust your gut instinct! And never apologize.

There are a few guidelines I like to stick to, but then from there…your gut will tell you what feels good and what doesn’t!  

 3 Health to tips for ‘Trusting you Gut’

1. #JERF: Just Eat Real Food. Fuel your engine with the most nutrient dense foods possible. Think colour. Think tip to tail  (including organs and bone broth), think what makes me feel good, and then what doesn't! Simply put: Keep it simple and keep it real! 

2.  Develop an intuitive sense, listen to your body. Check in instead of out. 

3. #GZF- enough said. Refuse to give two shits about what other people say. No one else is you!