Comfort in the comfort and the power of a vision

By Arielle


“I started to cry tears of joy half way through the race, because everything I had envisioned was finally becoming a reality.” This is what I told my coach when we were debriefing about my final race of the season.

For the last month leading up to the world 100k championships my coach (Naomi Land) had me write down how I envisioned and how I wanted my race to go. Each night I was to read what I had wrote.  At first I wasn’t exactly sold on this idea, I mean I am already a pretty good dreamer so I didn’t fully see the value in this; however, I did as I was told.  A few things you should note about the race plan was that it didn’t include times, or splits, but instead it included how I was going to feel, what I was going to eat, and where my head was going to be.

When I got to the 60K mark of the race and everything had unfolded the exact same way I had wrote, I got a chill up my spine and couldn’t help but to cry. They say ultras bring out all the emotions and I have no shame in agreeing with that!

“Just keep running, running, running” is what I told myself as I fixed my glare on all the jerseys in front of me.  Next thing I knew I was at the 95K mark, with my team mate Julie just in front of me, and Deb just behind. I looked over at Julie and yelled at her exactly what I told myself I would say. “DIG DEEP!” We both crossed the finish line back to back, shaving 30 plus minutes off our PBs and Deb came in just a few minutes later; also performing a solid race and clocking an enormous PB.  Team Canada took home a 4th place finish, recording the top performance Canada has ever done.

Coming off a high like this isn’t always the easiest though. I now see that I have spent the majority of the past year finding comfort in the discomfort. So now that the work is done, the results are in, the highs have faded and it's the off season. I am seeing that maybe the discomfort is my comfort and the comfort is the discomfort.  So now I am faced with the challenge of finding comfort in the comfort! 

 Can anyone relate? How do you find comfort in the comfort?