Want to be a superhuman? Get your ducks in a row and proceed with caution ...

I am writing this as another friendly reminder to myself and whoever else is reading, to GZFs.

"The second you start letting the outside shit being a factor is the second you start losing. I don't give a fuck about anything." - Gary Vee

So what does this have to do with running? Well, I won't spoon feed you all the analogies in my head, but I think it has everything to do with training and racing. Get caught up in what everyone else is doing - whether it be on Instagram, Strava, or Facebook, and you may begin to lose the initial reason you started in the first place. (More on "Know your WHY" later). If you can get to the start line being true to yourself and not giving a fuck the others, the race will feel easier. Run your own race.  Moreover, if you can get out the door on any training run, without comparing yourself to others, you've already won half the battle (or run half the distance, or whatever). 

'The Swoosh' (Arielle) and I often talk about ZGF and GZF. We try to remind ourselves to use our energy for what matters. We have learned that willpower is finite, and we must proceed with caution. I remember my previous (not old) run coach saying this. He would be the first person to tell us A-type runners to hold back. He would also tell us to 'check out.' Hearing this, we would just freak out. He didn't care what kind of running or cross training or beer drinking we did after a goal race. What he did care about was us consciously removing ourselves from the game mentally. Regardless of the race outcome, our mind and bodies cannot be productive if we keep checking in with ourselves, being hard on ourselves, and feeling like we are in constant training mode. We only have so much in the 'bag.' Or as I now call it, we only have so many fucks to give. We must allocate our fucks accordingly in order to maximize our energy and productivity. Thank you John for teaching me about GZFs. 

Coincidentally, I came across 'Project 3 Ducks' the other day. It preaches why it is essential to line your ducks (or fucks) up and allocate them according to your goals. 


We can't give all the fucks, all of the time. Project 3 Ducks states we have a maximum of 3 fucks to give before we start being inefficient. 3 is not very many. Focusing on maintaining 3 ducks requires constant reflection. So ask yourself:

1. How many fucks do you have? What is your threshold before you begin to waste energy on ducks that do not matter? How can you maximize your energy output? There's a reason the Kenyans limit their speed workouts each week. It is productive. 

2. Where is your energy being spent? Is it serving you? Can you minimize these ducks and conquer 2 or 3? If you are feeling overwhelmed, try dividing and conquering your ducks.  

3. Can you say no? If you have a difficult time saying no, just remember 'Zero Fucks Given.' Sometimes we chant ZFG to ourselves to keep us in check. It's like an inappropriate kind of meditation. Some people chant 'Ohm'...we chant ZFG. 

I will leave you with some F words to give a shit about. In my opinion, we can never get enough of the following:  Forests, friends, family, and Fridays

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