In the spirit of it not being Thanksgiving ....

Arielle preaches “trust the process,” and I think I’m starting to catch on. The longer I am on this journey (that thing called life), the more I understand that hindsight vision is 20/20. In retrospect, we often see the meaning of that process. Yet, in the moment, the process can sometimes be uncomfortable, stressful, and exhausting. I find it easier to trust the process if we look back at how far we have come. The other day I was reminded how important it is to glance back in order to be grateful for where you are. 

Lately, I have been having epiphanies. Epiphanies that highlight where I am in life at this moment. It is because of ‘the process.’ So sometimes, I need to stop stressing, and trust the darn thing. The other day an epiphany hit me when I was skate skiing with two of my favourite people in our backyard. I live in Whistler, so it’s difficult not to feel inspired and overwhelmed by simply looking outside at its beauty. I stopped, looked behind me, and realized that everything I want in that moment I had. The process can suck, but if we remember to stop and look at how far we have come, it’s an amazing feeling. I was also reminded that I know what I want, and I don’t need to be unsure as much as I am. In that moment, I glanced back at the two of them to take a photo of our nighttime ski, and it hit me. Everything I wanted at that moment I had. In other words, everything I want I have. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude.  

I have goals, ambitions, and high expectations for myself. However, my epiphany was the first time I have experienced the sensation of gratitude for every single thing in my present day life. Different than the feeling when you cross a finish line of an ‘A’ race, and you think “I did it!” This feeling was an ongoing calmness. It was a sense of peace that kept rippling through me. 

I reminded myself to look inward at what my thought process was a few years ago, and things I had visualized in my life were all right in front of me. Surround myself with authentic people: check. Live in the mountains on a lake: check. Pursue my passion in endurance running on a daily basis: check. Find inspiration in my daily routines: check. The list continued. Holy shit - this is actually happening. 

As training begins to ramp up for our 2016 goals, it is going to get uncomfortable. As runners, we often thrive in the uncomfortable. We know that those moments in training when you want to quit, are usually the moments where we improve. Breakthroughs can occur in the difficult moments. 

This year I am focusing on being present in the uncomfortable moments outside of training. When life feels like a struggle, understand that it is ok. And if it’s not ok, change it, you’re not a tree. Both are essential to the process. 

So in the spirit of it not being Thanksgiving, take Arielle’s advice, and “trust the process.” And always be grateful.