10 tips for eating healthy while traveling

When most people go on vacation they decide to loosen up their "diet" and eat the things they normally wouldn't. However, when being on the road for long periods of time, you don't always want to let your diet habits go completely out the door. I completely agree with not stressing about your food while travelling or on vacation, but I also think it is important to try and stay true to your healthy habits the best you can no matter where you are in the world. 
One thing I love about being fat-adapted is the zen of eating. The ability to not have to be constantly thinking about what you eat, or when you eat or how much you eat. You begin to just eat, letting your bodies natural hunger signals guide you through the day. However, this is not the case for everyone. 

Over the past few weeks I have been travelling across California with one of my best friends to help crew some ultra events. Being on the road for this long means a lot of eating out, which is why I have provided some tips, tricks and advice to how to maintain your healthy habits while travelling on the road!  

Top 10 Tips

1.Keep it simple- Don't over complicate the situation, think of macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) when planing a meal. Food dose not always have to be gourmet it just needs to be nutrient dense and able to sustain you. 

2. Have the essentials on hand. Coconut oil, butter, salt and trail mix are some of the items I love to travel with. A rule of thump that I try to follow is: that whenever you eat add fat! Adding fat will help to decrease the impact on the blood sugar and it will also help to keep your engine going much longer. For example, when consuming a piece of fruit i.e apple or banana, try to have some sort of nut butter with it. 

3. Get hungry ....ask yourself am I hungry enough to eat broccoli and salmon if the answer is yes than eat. If not than your probably just bored, and you should try and find another activity to keep you busy

4. No packaging required! Don't think that just because you are on the go you need to rely on packed food such as protein bars. Avocados, pre-cooked eggs or some jerky are just as easy and will keep you satisfied for a lot longer. 

5. Intermittent fasting, Vespa and fatty coffee. Starting your day off with a fatty coffee and a intermittent fast is a great way to tap into your fat stores and teach your body how to use stored body fat for energy. Also, but using vespa it will help to increase your fat metabolism. 

6. Cut cost by taking advantage of complimentary breakfast : stock up on salt, butter, peanut butter, fruit, honey, hard boiled eggs and condiments. It's all about the condiments! Condiments are a simple and easy way to spice things up. 

7. Shop at grocery stores, local markets and try to avoid chain restaurants whenever possible. 

8. Don't let perfection be the enemy of good! Relax, you are on vacation, there is no need to stress out over the small things. You will get Stuck in ruts, don't sweat it! Just make the best of every situation and move on. 

9. Stay to true to what you know, read your labels and don't doubt your knowledge, but instead use it. You know what to do, how to eat, so just do it! 

10. Keep it real. Real food is food no matter where you are.Stick to what you know.