Like a Nike Swoosh - just do it

Here we go, diving into the uncomfortable and the unknown. Somewhere between World Championship 100km in September, a Rio del Lago 100 miler in November, and the present off season, Motivus was conceived. Things came to fruition on an ultra driving road trip to ultra events in California and Nevada in November.  Inspiring ideas and concepts were ranted, debated, and discussed in the Nissan Versa and out the trails in the Sierra Nevada foothills. We want to share our unfiltered experiences via blog and podcast with the ultrarunning community.

What matters to us

  1. Authenticity

  2. Relating life to ultra events and endurance

  3. Embracing what makes us/society uncomfortable

  4. Keeping it real, and not sugar coating.

  5. Exploring the crux of the matter. No bandaids.

  6. GZF